Car Wash Tips for Spring

Why Invisible Glass Works Better

Streak-Free Formula

It’s no accident that Invisible Glass works so well. Read more about our streak-free formula, the secret behind great glass cleaning results.

No Soaps

No Soaps

Soaps are great for cleaning dirt, but they leave behind a film that causes streaks. Our streak-free formula starts clean, using a unique water source free from additives. We’ve developed a blend of water-soluble cleaners that work hard and evaporate completely.

No Scents

No Scents

Invisible Glass is free of added fragrances that can become household irritants and streak glass, unlike other brands which can contain synthetic fragrances, harsh fumes, or ammonia.

No Dyes

No Dyes

Our streak-free formula is free of added dyes and colors. Dyes and colors are great for making a product stand out on the shelf, but they cause streaking and surface staining. That’s why we keep Invisible Glass as clear as sparkling clean glass.

No Residues

No Residues

What good is a glass cleaner if it leaves behind residue? Residues from soaps, scents, dyes, or additives are found in many glass cleaners. These residues cling to glass surfaces, forming streaks, and attracting dust and grime. Our streak-free formula is specially designed to evaporate completely, leaving nothing behind but beautiful glass.

No Streaks

No Streaks

Invisible Glass contains water-soluble cleaners that work better, breaking down greasy fingerprints, pet slobber, dust, and grime, leaving your surfaces streak-free.

Stop Cleaning Up After Your Glass Cleaner.


Tired of seeing streaks, especially right after you’re done cleaning? The problem might just be your glass cleaner because many glass cleaners contain additives that leave streaky residues on glass surfaces.

Invisible Glass has a 100% residue-free formula. We never add streaky soaps, scents, or dyes to our residue-free glass cleaners. The water-soluble cleaners in Invisible Glass work hard to break down fingerprints, smoke haze, pet slobber, dust, and grime. Then Invisible Glass easily wipes clean and evaporates completely leaving nothing behind except perfectly clean, streak-free glass

Glass is a unique and difficult surface to clean. That’s why we’ve developed our products specifically for the challenges of cleaning glass. From water spot removers, to rain repellents, ceramic coatings, and glass cleaners for home, office, and auto, you’ll love the invisible clarity of Invisible Glass. Look for our cleaning kits with everything you need to get started cleaning your home or vehicle.


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Car Wash Tips for Spring

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Man cleaning blue Ford Mustang with Stoner Car Care Wash and Wax product

Car Wash Tips for Spring

Your car takes a beating over the winter. Slushy snow, road salt, and dirt wreak havoc on your vehicle all season and cold temps make it difficult to maintain regular car washes. Spring is the perfect time to give your vehicle a thorough car wash. You don’t need to shell out extra cash on a professional wash and detail service. Spring Clean your vehicle with these car wash tips.

Man washing a blue Bentley with Stoner Car Care products

Wash Away Winter

Road salt can quickly build up on your car and lead to corrosion.  Use a pressure washer to blast away salt and debris from your vehicle’s undercarriage, wheel wells, around the bumper and grill. Then clean wheels and tires using a specialty cleaner that can penetrate brake dust. Use car shampoo and a clean, soft sponge to thoroughly clean the exterior of your vehicle working from the top down.  Finish with a thorough rinse with clean water.

Man washing red shelby cobra with Stoner Car Care products

Protect Your Paint

Waxing adds a layer of protection from UV rays, bugs, and bird dropping that you’re sure to encounter this spring. If you aren’t able to wax often look for a synthetic sealant that offers long-lasting protection. Start with a thin coating and completely buff out the product before applying an additional layer. You’ll know all the wax has been buffed out when you no longer see a haze on the paint.

Man spraying Invisible Glass on car windshield

Wash Windows

Choose an automotive glass cleaner that is tint safe and residue free like Invisible Glass. Residues from soaps, scents, and dyes form streaks on glass and attract grime to the surface. Work in sections spraying the glass cleaner directly to the glass. Wipe the exterior glass in an up and down direction using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Move to the interior glass and wipe in a side to side motion. This pattern will allow you to see any areas you’ve missed.

Wiping dashboard with Stoner Car Care Trim Shine Wipes

Interior Touch Ups

Slushy snow and winter boots bring a lot of dirt and grime into your vehicle’s interior. First toss out trash and anything that doesn’t belong in your ride. Then vacuum out dirt and debris. Spot treat carpets with a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Use a trim shine product to clean and restore the dash and console. Avoid soaps and other products that can dry out the surface and cause it to fade. A tooth brush and q-tips are great tools for getting to small crevices.  

Blue Ford Mustang convertible driving on country road


These spring cleaning car wash tips will help your vehicle look its best and maintain its optimal performance. Now put down those windows and enjoy the warmer temperatures this spring!

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