Premium Glass Cleaning Tool with Extension Handle

Premium Glass Cleaning Tool

with Extension Handle

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Premium Glass Cleaning Tool

with Extension Handle

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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Clean Windshields and Windows!

Product Description:

Clean Windshields and Windows Faster and Easier!

The ergonomic long-reach handle and large pivoting head easily reach tall spaces, narrow gaps, and tight corners. The flexible cleaning head maintains constant contact with the surface for streak-free windows and glass.

Perfect for cleaning cars, trucks, RVs, boats, windows, patio doors, mirrors, and glass-top tables!

No streaks, no lint, and no awkward straining!

Includes 2 washable, reversible, and reusable microfiber cleaning bonnets and mesh storage bag

Easily attaches to standard extension poles for even greater reaching power

Comfort-grip handle converts for storage

Pivoting triangular head flexes to adapt to curved surfaces

Pro Cleaning Tips for Sparkling Glass:

  • Use flat end of pivoting head to reach large spaces. The triangular feature fits tight corners.
  • Spray glass cleaner directly on glass then easily shine surface with the Reach & Clean Tool. Use the Reach & Clean Tool to wipe away overspray and dust from the dash.
  • Always use a clean, dry microfiber bonnet to ensure glass isn’t overly saturated with cleaner. Excess moisture can result in streaks.