How to Clean Bathroom Mirrors

How to Clean Bathroom Mirrors

Our poor bathroom mirrors see it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and can be challenging to keep clean. These mirrors often become hazy with toothpaste splatter, fingerprints, and unsightly water marks, but regular cleaning can keep things clear on this often-used surface. This post will explain how to quickly and effectively clean your bathroom mirrors to a streak-free shine.

To clean your bathroom mirrors: Spray a thin, even layer of streak-free glass cleaner onto your mirror and wipe in a tight S-pattern from top to bottom. 

Here’s what you’ll need.

You’ll only need two items for the job, but your cleaning success depends on selecting the right products.

Item #1:  Streak-free Glass Cleaner 

While it might seem insignificant, the glass cleaner you choose will determine the effectiveness of your cleaning. Choose a glass cleaner that doesn't contain soaps, scents, or dyes. These may make the product seem better, but those additives get left behind on your glass and create streaking.

If you need a safe, additive-free, effective glass cleaner, consider Invisible Glass. Its ammonia-free formula is guaranteed to deliver streak-free results. Invisible Glass comes in both pump and aerosol form, and you can opt for your preference. 

Item #2: a Fresh Microfiber Towel

People use various things to wipe their mirrors: paper towels, old newspapers, or bathroom linens. Though each item will get the job done, microfiber towels may deliver better results. 

In truth, your cleaning cloth matters as much as your cleaning solution. Paper towels and thick terry or cotton cloths can leave behind particles on your mirror. The inks used in today’s newspapers can leave residues behind, making your surface streaky. A thin, flat-weave microfiber cloth will work best for cleaning your mirror. 

Spray a thin, even layer of a streak-free glass cleaner onto your mirror.

Mirrors can get grimy, and you might be inclined to use an excessive amount of cleaner. Resist the urge because a little solution typically goes a long way. The excess cleaner will require additional wiping to remove.

Spray a light mist in an even, thin layer onto your mirror. Begin by spraying around the perimeter and filling the interior with a scant amount.  You should be able to see the mirror through the spray. 

Wipe in a tight S-pattern from top to bottom.

Use a fresh microfiber towel to wipe cleaner from the mirror, using a tight S-pattern and working from top-to-bottom. Swabbing in this pattern maximizes the area cleaned while minimizing the amount of hand contact on your mirror. Wipe down again if you notice any missed spots. Work from top to bottom left to right.  

One microfiber towel should be adequate to clean a standard bathroom mirror. However, improperly cleaned towels might leave streaks or a hazy film. Even if you previously washed or dried your towels incorrectly, re-washing may restore the towel's effectiveness.  

Why do bathroom mirrors get so dirty? 

The truth is you do a lot in your bathroom. Shower steam, toothpaste, hair products, handprints, dust, dirt, and sink splash can gunk up your mirror fast. Sticky substances like hairsprays and aerosol deodorants can add to the buildup and quickly dull your looking glass.

In addition to collecting dirt, grime, and products, bathroom mirrors also house plenty of germs. Your bathroom mirror is a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to its location. Regular cleaning will not only keep your mirror shiny; it will help keep it germ-free.

How do I keep my bathroom mirror clean long-term? 

A dirty mirror can ruin the look of your bathroom, making it look messy and unclean. Shiny, streak-free mirrors add beauty to your space by reflecting light and making everything brighter. 

Ultimately, you can’t stop your mirror from getting dirty; however, you can routinely shine it up using the process above. The more often you clean, the less effort tidying up will take. It’s that simple. 

Keep your mirrors looking fresh for you and your guests.

Mirror, mirror on the wall - Who’s the cleanest of all? Mirrors can make or break the appearance of your bathroom. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent film and dirt buildup, you can keep yours looking clean with quality cleaning products and routine maintenance. Follow these steps: Spray a thin, even layer of a streak-free glass cleaner onto your mirror and wipe with a clean microfiber in a tight S-pattern from top to bottom. A little effort will have your bathroom mirrors - and you - looking good!

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