About Us

Dedication to excellence and proven product performance has guided how we do business since 1942. Today, we're rooted in those beliefs more than ever. We're committed to delivering the products and support necessary to meet the challenges you face day after day. After all, it's our name at stake.

The Stoner Name

Stoner is the family name behind our hard-working products. It's the name that's trusted by professional automotive detailers, home cleaning experts, and industrial maintenance professionals all over the world. We've got a heritage of innovation and integrity that was set by our founder, Paul Stoner, and it continues to this day.

Our Founder

Paul Stoner was born in 1914 on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. He learned the value of persistence and hard work at a young age after the death of both parents.

With an education in chemistry, a natural aptitude for solving problems, and unwavering determination, Paul formed Stoner's Ink Company in 1940 specializing in printing inks. While running his business, Paul took part-time jobs including work with a local tire retread plant. During this experience, Paul developed innovative products and groundbreaking aerosol technologies for the automotive industry.

Paul's Legacy Continues

People who knew Paul Stoner tell stories of his remarkable kindness and humility. He was known for treating his employees as family, and he strived to bring value to every customer. Today, we pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and innovation, as these are deeply rooted values bestowed from our founder. But it’s how we treat our customers that is truly Paul’s legacy. We always put our customers first.