Achieving Crystal-Clear Views: Cleaning High, Hard-to-Reach Windows

Achieving Crystal-Clear Views: Cleaning High, Hard-to-Reach Windows

Cleaning high, hard-to-reach windows is challenging but you can quickly achieve streak-free, crystal-clear windows with our smart approach. In this article we’ll share the steps, techniques, and tips for cleaning high, hard-to-reach windows.  

To clean hard-to-reach, high windows: Apply a small amount of glass cleaner to a cleaning bonnet or microfiber towel, wipe using straight, long motions, stop and view results from different angles, apply more glass cleaner or change the cleaning bonnet as needed, and inspect and enjoy the results. 

Apply a small amount of Invisible Glass to a cleaning bonnet or microfiber towel

Start by applying a small amount of glass cleaner onto a cleaning bonnet or a microfiber towel. Balance is critical here; avoid oversaturating the fabric. Two or three light sprays are all you need. Remember: The more you put on, the more you must take off. 

For any glass cleaning application, we recommend Invisible Glass. It’s a robust and reliable option that doesn’t use any added scents or dyes, which leave behind streaks. It’ll provide streak-free results without hassle, especially if working at a tricky angle. 

Wipe using straight, long motions

We recommend a tool like the Reach & Clean Tool for cleaning glass at hard-to-reach angles. It features a long handle and can be customized with additional handles to provide a more extended reach. It includes several cleaning bonnets, which can be swapped within seconds, saving you time and effort. 

If using a Reach & Clean tool, glide the cleaning bonnet or towel across the glass surface using smooth, straight motions until the entire window is covered. When cleaning glass, avoid using paper towels or old rags – both can cause uneven finishes and leave behind residue. Instead of using an old towel, use a clean microfiber. Wipe using the same technique as you would with a Reach & Clean tool – long, straight strokes to clean.

Stop and view results from different angles

As you proceed, intermittently pause to observe your progress from varying angles to notice streaks, spots, or areas that need more attention. Some smudges and grime can only be seen from certain angles as light passes through the glass. 

Apply more glass cleaner or change the cleaning bonnet

Should you encounter persistent marks or streaks, spray additional glass cleaner onto the cleaning bonnet and target those areas. If you are not getting the desired results or the bonnet appears soiled, replace it with a fresh one for optimal cleaning effectiveness.

Inspect and enjoy the results

With the cleaning complete, take a step back and appreciate your accomplishment. Your once-clouded high windows should now shine. 

Keep reading for additional techniques to bring your window cleaning game to the next level. 

Techniques to Elevate Your Cleaning Game

Minor tweaks to your cleaning methods can drastically improve your glass’s shine. Read on for tips that will take your cleaning to the next level.

Diagonal Strokes for Stubborn Streaks

If persistent streaks persist, switch up the way you swab and adopt a diagonal wiping pattern. This technique can help break down and eliminate stubborn residue.

Light Pressure and Gradual Adjustments

Maintain gentle pressure while cleaning to prevent damage. If you encounter challenging spots, gradually increase pressure as needed, allowing the Invisible Glass to work its magic.

Top-to-Bottom Approach

When cleaning windows with a Reach & Clean tool, start from the top and work your way down. This technique prevents drips from forming on freshly cleaned areas.

Safety always comes first

If a ladder is necessary, take time to position it on a flat, stable surface securely. Have a helper nearby to help manage materials and spot you as you work.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Choose a day when direct sunlight isn't bathing your windows. Cleaning solutions can evaporate rapidly under the sun's heat, potentially leaving streaks on the glass.

Regular Maintenance Matters

Make window cleaning a regular aspect of your household routine. This practice minimizes the accumulation of stubborn grime, simplifying the cleaning process each time.

Don't Forget Screens and Sills

Extend your cleaning focus to window screens and sills. These often-overlooked areas contribute significantly to the overall appearance of your windows.

Embrace the Clarity!

Gone are the days when high, hard-to-reach windows posed daunting cleaning challenges. With the right tools and methods, pristine and spotless windows are within everyone's grasp, no matter your height. To recap: Apply a small amount of glass cleaner to a cleaning bonnet or microfiber towel, wipe using straight, long motions, pause to assess from various angles, reapply cleaner or switch the cleaning bonnet as necessary, and finally, step back to marvel at the pristine clarity you've achieved. Let the world outside shine through with crystal-clear brilliance!

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